What makes a good shop front?

What makes a good shop front?

A good shop front is one that makes an impression and becomes part of what your customer remembers of your brand. But what are the key characteristics to aim for in pursuit of the right impression? Here’s a list.

What makes a good shop front: 5 qualities to look for


Your shop front has to be memorable


You may be starting a new business from scratch or trying to win new clients for your brand, either way, your shop front has to make an impact on potential customers. It has to have character, so it can be easily remembered in the future.

What makes a good shop front? Being so memorable that even people that passed by your store just once can remember the name of your brand without having to make an effort. 

And when we talk about adding some character to your shop front, you shall not worry: it doesn’t mean choosing bold prints or anything like that. Elegance, for example, can make a shop front stand out just as much as the brightest of the tones.

It also has to be recognizable


Personality is an important part of any brand, it’s what makes the customers relate to the business and come back for more products. 

Never forget: your shop front is part of your branding efforts. So, the same personality is needed for your shop front, since it’s the first contact you’re gonna have with many potential clients. It has to translate every aspect of your business. 

As hard as it can be with so many brands on the market, it’s important that your shop front shows how unique your company is. Also, it gotta be recognizable for any clients that are coming to your shop after having engaged with the brand on its website or social media.

It is mandatory that your shop front is legible


Your shop front is something that may be spotted from far away, especially if your business is placed in an open-air shopping centre. So, anyone passing by, even in other streets, even in buses, even walking in a rush has to be able to read the name of your business and any other tagline that comes with it.

In order to assure this readability, your shop front signs must have an appropriate size, that allows people to see them comfortably from a distance. Also, the typography used in the logo has to be easily deciphered. And last, but definitely not least, good contrast is key when it comes to readability. If in doubt, choose a darker background, with lighter colours for the copy.

It should also be inviting


What is an inviting shop front, as opposed to an intimidating one is actually very debatable. These are perceptions that are mostly based on personal taste, so they vary a lot. For some people, darker colours and metallic tones may seem too posh, something that’s far from their reach. For other people, a vintage look seems to convey an impression of something old and worn, having a repellent effect. 

What this tells us is that your brand’s representation of an inviting shop front has to fit your target’s perception of what “inviting” means. So, the first lesson here is that it’s important for you to understand what is inviting in the eyes (and the taste) of your customers. 

It should follow your brand guide


Your logo, your website, your social media, your products, your labels, your shopping bags, your business cards: everything that talks about your brand should follow your brand guide. This is the document that specifies colours, textures, fonts and whatnots that create a visual unity for your business.

Following these rules means that you’re creating a recognizable brand, a presentation that your customers can attach to their mental image of your business. Also, when it comes to design, even the slightest details can help you convey the image you want for your business. 

So, stick to what your marketing department tells you to and build a solid branding for your company throughout all your assets. 

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