Automatic Doors

For entrances with heavy footfall, automatic doors are the perfect system. They allow traffic to flow in and out easily and without hassle.

At Huxley & Co., we’ve been supplying and installing automatic doors for years. We can customise any type of automatic door to suit your needs. Essential security features come as standard.

The door is one of the most heavily used systems in a shop. That’s why a door system should be simple and efficient. It shouldn’t require expensive maintenance to run properly.

Our automatic doors use the latest technologies in the market. The result is a door which simply works, with minimal maintenance. That means no hassle for you, or your customers.

The Automatic Doors of Huxley & Co.

We use the latest automatic doors, which can fit perfectly into any shop. They are designed to be simple and practical.

We offer two types of automatic doors:

Automatic Sliding Doors

Sliding doors create a smooth flow of two-way traffic. They can be used on indoor and outdoor entrances. However, they require a fair amount of room for the slide mechanism to operate.

Automatic Swinging Doors

This system uses two doors: one which swings inwards, and the other swings outwards. They also create a smooth flow of two-way traffic. However, the swing mechanism also requires a lot of space to operate.

So, which type of automatic door is best for you?

That will depend on many factors, and there’s no set rules.

Speak to our friendly team today, and we’ll be happy to advise you in choosing the best option for your entrance.

What’s Included With Our Automatic Doors?

Both of our automatic door systems come with the following features:

  • Smooth and quiet operating system. The latest technology ensures less disturbance to your customers.
  • Intuitive Program. Automatic doors open and close when it’s appropriate.
  • Low maintenance costs. Our automatic doors use the latest mechanisms, which require less maintenance.
  • Reliability. We build our automatic doors to last a lifetime.
  • Multiple control options. Customise the doors’ operation to suit your needs.
  • Versatile. Can be used for indoor or outdoor entrances.
  • Manual operation in case of emergency. In case of an emergency or power-cut, our automatic doors can be operated manually. We’ll show you how, after we install them.
  • Won’t hurt people when they close. Built-in barrier sensors ensure that the doors won’t close if someone is there.
  • An automatic door for everyone. We offer slide, swing and telescopic systems, to meet our customer’s needs.

Open the doors of your business to Huxley& Co.

First impressions matter. And your door is one of the first things that customers see.

Your space should be welcoming. That’s why customers will come in.

We care about offering the best door solutions for your business.

When it comes to automatic doors, our team has years of experience.

Call us today, and let’s talk about automatic doors.
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