Polycarbonate Shutters

Jewellers, banks and high value retailers enjoy the benefits of high visibility and exceptional strength that polycarbonate shutters give because it has the same transparency as glass, but unlike glass it is hard to break.

These roller shutters are unique creation developed from reinforced steel rods placed between panels. The combination of material and design make our polycarbonate shutters extremely strong, with a high resistance to impact making them virtually unbreakable, even when compared to steel.

Choose from either the Clear Look Polycarbonate shutter or Façade Roller Polycarbonate shutter. Either style will give you maximum visibility and the front facing aesthetics for a superior frontage which is easy to operate, clean and maintain for years to come.

Polycarbonate shutters can be installed in different places such as banks, car parks, commercial complexes, etc. This roller shutter is one of the most widely used shutters after aluminum roller shutters. Polycarbonate shutters have many advantages over other roller shutters.

Some of the advantages of this shutter are its strength, UV radiation and fire resistance. The polycarbonate roller shutters are made of different materials and each is used for a specific location.

Here you can see the types of polycarbonate shutters installed by Huxley & Co.

Polycarbonate shutters are divided into different types according to the model and material of the blades. These shutters are used both in the interior decoration of the company and for its doors. All polycarbonate shutters have high strength and fully protect the company, as they are known as anti-theft shutters. Some of the polycarbonate shutters installed by us at Huxley & Co are:

Carcass shutters

Carcass shutters are one of the types of polycarbonate shutters that are very suitable for companies. The blades of this shutter are not made in one piece; instead, the blades use cartilage or pilgrims made of steel, aluminum or iron. The iron model has the least use because it usually rusts, but the strength of the steel model is very high.

Clear shutters

Clear shutters or glass shutters are also one of the polycarbonate shutters installed in the company. This shutter is made of composite materials and polymer carbon nanotubes and is very resistant, although it looks like glass. Clear shutters come in a variety of colors, such as blue, copper, smoky, bronze, glass, and so on. Sometimes colored ribbons are used to make the shutters more beautiful.

The two models can be used both indoors and outdoors, but if your company needs a lot of security, you can also use tubular shutters for the door. Pipe shutters are the most durable polycarbonate shutters. This shutter is similar to a carcass shutter, the only difference is the thickness of the blades, and instead of cartilage, it is connected to the pipes.

Installation of polycarbonate shutters

Polycarbonate shutters are lighter in weight than other shutters, making them easier to install. However, the installation of all electric shutters requires expertise and skills, and the person himself cannot install them. It is best to leave the installation of the polycarbonate shutters to our specialized staff so that the shutters are installed correctly and its safety level is increased.

Finally, select the type of motor according to the final weight of the shutter. For polycarbonate shutters, tubular, central or side motors can be used. If the shutter weight is light, use a tubular motor and if it is heavy, use side motors. Central motors are less commonly used due to their difficult installation, but in general, central motors are used for medium-weight shutters.

Price of polycarbonate shutters installed

The price of polycarbonate shutters installed in the company varies according to its model and it is not possible to consider a fixed price for it. The final price of shutters depends on several factors. Some of these factors are:

  • Shutter size: The longer the shutter length and width, the higher the price.
  • Butter color: As mentioned, this shutter has a variety of colors and its colors do not have the same price.
  • Brands and brands of shutters: These types of shutters have different brands and brands, usually the price of the European brand is higher than other brands.
  • Height and thickness of the shutter blade: Polycarbonate shutter blade has different thicknesses between 3 to 6 mm. The greater the thickness of the blade, the higher its strength, so blinds with thicker blades are more expensive.

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