Commercial Glazing

Commercial Glazing

Huxley & Co. are one of the largest stockists of glass for commercial glazing. Our experienced engineers have been removing and installing commercial glazing for years.

Below are the types of commercial glazing we offer:

Laminated Glass

We stock a range of thicknesses, to meet your strength requirements. Our laminated glass is available in: 6.4mm, 8.8mm and 10.8mm.

What is Laminate glass?

Laminated glass is when two or more pieces of toughened glass are held together, with an inter-layer of PVB (poly vinyl butyral).

Benefits of Laminated Glass

  • Gives added security in the event of human impact. The PVB holds the glass together – so the glass cracks in a spider-web pattern.
  • Higher sound insulation rating due to the PVB layer
  • Blocks 99% of incoming UV radiation

Toughened Glass

Our standard toughened glass comes in a thickness of 12mm. However, we also stock thicknesses of 6mm to 19mm.

What is Toughened glass?
When glass is heat and chemically treated, it becomes toughened glass. It is five times stronger than normal glass.

Benefits of Toughened Glass

  • If the glass is involved in an impact, it will split into thousands of tiny pieces, instead of splintering into sharp jagged pieces.
  • Can be tinted to various colours

Wired Glass

Wired glass is mainly used for commercial glazing in public areas, such as hotels, hospitals and schools.

What is Wired glass?

It is a glass mesh with a thin metal grid embedded within the glass.

Benefits of Wired Glass

  • In the event of impact, the mesh will retain pieces of glass
  • Fire-resistant
  • Cost effective

Curved Glass

We offer a bespoke service for curved glass. Your curved glass can be either toughened or laminated.

Security Glass (also known as anti-bandit glass)

Also known as anti-bandit glass, security glass is designed to withstand impacts from deliberate criminal attacks. It is mainly used for high end retail premises, such as banks, jewelers and showrooms.

What is security glass?

Layers of glass are bonded together with PVB and polycarbonate.

Benefits of Security Glass

  • Withstand impacts from guns and bomb blasts
  • Withstand impacts from manual tools e.g. hammers and crowbars

We also stock:

Double glazed glass
Float glass
Obscured glass
For out of hours emergency glazing, call: +44 7935 277 477

Can’t See What You’re Looking For?

The glazing above is just a part of our range. Speak to our team today to find out how we can meet your glazing requirements.