Commercial Glazing

Commercial Glazing

Huxley & Co are one of the largest stockist of glass for all your commercial glazing requirements, our experienced engineers have years of experience in removing and installing commercial glazing.

Here is a few of the types of glazing we stock:

Laminated Glass

Huxley and Co have a range of strengths in stock the thickness available are: 6..4mm, 8.8mm and 10.8mm

What is Laminate glass?
Laminate safety glass is two or more pieces of toughened glass held together with an inter-layer of poly vinyl butyral (PVB) in between the glasses. Laminated glass is normally used where is there is a possibility of human impact as its added security in any event the glass is damaged The PVB layer will hold the glass together creating a spider web cracking pattern. Laminated glass gives a higher sound insulation rating due to the PVB installed in between the glass and it blocks 99% of the incoming UV radiations.

Toughened Glass

Our standard Toughed glass used for our commercial glazing is 12mm Toughened however we can cater for the thickness of 6mm to 19mm.

What is Toughened glass?
Toughened glass is usually heat or chemically treated if the glass is involved in any kind of serious impact the glass creates a balanced internal stress causing the glass to break into very small pieces instead of splintering into sharp jagged shards.

Toughened glass can be tinted to various colours.

Wired Glass

Wired glass is mostly used commercial glazing in public areas such as schools, hotels and hospitals

What is Wired glass?
It is a glass mesh with a thin metal grid embedded within the glass, benefits of wired glass is in any impact the glass is broken the mesh will retain the pieces of glasses and is also known for its element of fire resistance and is commonly used as a low cost fire resistant glass type.

Curved Glass

Huxley & co offer a bespoke service for curved glass, you have the option to have curved glass in laminated glass or toughened glass.

Security Glass (also known as anti-bandit glass)

Security glass provides the best commercial glazing possible safety for your business from any type of impact, accidental damage, deliberate attack or criminal attack. Security glass is used for high-end retail premises i.e. Banks, jewellers and showrooms.

What is security glass?
This glass is layers of glass with polyvinyl butyral (PVB) and polycarbonate bonded together creating a resistance which can withstand any extreme impact from bomb blasts, guns and any handheld manual tools i.e. hammers and crowbars.

We also stock:

Double glazed glass
Float glass
Obscured glass
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Can’t see what you’re looking for?

These are just a few of the ranges above we stock, give us a call today and speak to our team for your glazing requirements or for further information on your glazing requirements.