Toughened Glass Shop Fronts

We supply and fit superior toughened glass for beautiful frameless glass shop fronts, that can work perfectly for showrooms, commercial entrances, displays and more. It provides a seamless design for clear uninterrupted views for inside and outside the building.

Our team at Huxley & Co. will supply you with amazing toughened glass shop fronts.

They will work perfectly as commercial entrances, showrooms, displays and much more.

We know that you have been looking for something that allows you to show your customers what is going on inside your shop. Our team will simply have the right answer!

Enjoy our frameless toughened glass shop fronts

All of our products have been designed to fit perfectly your commercial unit.

Thus, you shall find that our gorgeous glass shop fronts will not only meet your needs, but also surpass your expectations.

We offer you toughened glass, which is naturally stronger than the standard glass options out there. By choosing Huxley & Co. you get thermal efficiency: your business will not only be more sustainable, you will also save some money!

In addition to this, we offer a smooth and quiet operating system. Maintenance requirements are minimal, and they are simply easy to use.

What you need to show your store to the world

We love the designs that impress those who pass by your window.

No more passing by: we want customers to stop. Let them look at your store and think about how much they are attracted to what they see. We are looking for glass shop fronts that make a difference, and that improve the results of your establishment.

We know that design and quality are fundamental to that. Therefore, our experts work carefully on each project, to ensure that our happy customers policy remains the hallmark of Huxley & Co.

No matter what type of glass shop fronts you are looking for: we will have the right answer for your needs. Contact our team and we will help you choose the model that best suits your project. Don’t settle for less: stand out of the crowd with us.

Features included:

  • Inclusive to its beauty, our frameless glass shop fronts have advanced security features and bespoke doors can be designed and fitted to suit the foot flow into the commercial unit
  • Toughened glass is naturally stronger than standard glass and also gives thermal efficiency needed for today’s sustainable businesses
  • We offer a smooth and quiet operating systems
  • Advanced low maintenance sensor control available for automatic entrances
  • 12mm toughened glass used as standard

Call us today to talk toughened glass shop fronts, doors and glazing systems or email us your design for a free quotation.