Shop Fronts in London and all United Kingdom

They are like book covers, the first thing potential clients see. Shopfronts offer a strong framing system, robust and with corrosion-resistant attributes. On top of that, they also require little maintenance.

We have an experience of over 20 years in the sector, and specifically in the capital. If you’re setting up a business and require shopfronts in London or anywhere in the country, we can help you. 

We like to help from small to large businesses improve their facilities and that goes further than just installing the door of your business. We want shops to stand out, be unique, and recognisable. We believe that the shopfront is the first glance at the business, and first impressions are important. 

Get the best shop front in the United Kingdom

At Huxley & Co. we do not settle for just fine, or good. We aim for our clients’ shopfronts to be easily recognisable and to be the best on their streets. We have been working with shopping centres and small businesses for more than twenty years to help them design their premises’ doors. We would love to help you next. 

A shopfront that stands out

The shopfront is what customers and potential customers first see. For this exact reason, it’s important to make a good first impression.

Standing out means being true, different and unique. All of this comes to life when we take a deep dive on the meaning behind the name of the business and find characteristics that can make it stand out. It’s all about showcasing the business, its tone and what it sells with just a quick glance. We take great pride into what we do, that’s why we tailor-make all projects we work on.

We build and instal the best high-quality products, with a long life expectancy and minimal maintenance. Our team at Huxley & Co will walk with you through the entire process of setting up the ideal shop front that drives customers to your business. 

Protect your space

Safety is the most important thing for us. Our shopfronts meet all the requirements to not only make your business stand out but also protect the inside. 

Made out of toughened glass and framed with aluminium, our shop fronts will keep the inside of your shop or space safe and sound. Toughened glass is the ideal material for shop fronts because it is built at very high temperatures, making it incredibly strong. It’s actually one of the strongest of the market. 

Our product has all the certificates needed and we run different quality control tests to guarantee an excellent and durable result. 

In addition to this, if you need us to make a custom quote, we have the ability to adjust to you 100%. Our experts will study your case, and offer you the design or model that best meets your needs.

Customer Satisfaction is our priority

For us, customer satisfaction is crucialWe know that the market for shopfronts in London and all over the United Kingdom is very competitive. Therefore, our happy-customer policy means that we will go on and beyond to make sure that the final product exceeds your expectations. 

Our team of professionals has been in the shop fronts and glass business for over 20 years. They will advise you on which of our products best fits our needs and follow up after the installation. 

If you want to stand out of the crowd with one of the best shop fronts, Huxley & Co. will be happy to advise you.

Call us today to talk aluminium shop fronts, doors and glazing systems or email us your design for a free quotation.