Aluminium Shop Fronts

If you’re looking for a low maintenance shop front, look no further. Aluminium shop fronts are the most popular choice, because they’re robust and corrosion-resistant.

Shops across London use aluminium shop fronts, and it’s clear why. They’re simple, strong and cost-effective.

Our aluminium shop fronts come with glass sections, trimmed with aluminium. Shop owners can choose from two types of doors: manual swing doors, or fully automated doors.

Aluminium doors are very easily customised, which ensures a perfect match with your brand.

Get the best shopfront

At Huxley & Co, we go above and beyond for our clients. Based in London, we have over 20 year’s experience in putting up shop fronts across the United Kingdom. We are particularly loved by small businesses and shopping centres. Our goal is simple: to create shop fronts which are easily recognisable and draw customers in.

What do you get with our aluminium shop front?

Every business is different. That’s why we offer a wide variety of pre-set aluminium shop fronts. If you’d like even more customisation, we can design a bespoke shop front, unique to your business.

With our 20 years of expertise, we are masters at creating and installing aluminium shop fronts. Our team will give you informed recommendations, so you can choose the best shop front for your business.

Whether you choose a pre-set design, or opt for custom-made, we offer a wide range of glazing options:

  • Laminated safety glass
  • Toughened glass
  • Fire rate pyro glass
  • Temperature controlling systems

High Quality Materials Protect Your Business

At Huxley & Co., your business’ safety is our top priority. This includes the safety of your customers, and what’s inside your shop. We only use the best materials on the market, to assure everything we build meets safety guidelines.

As standard, our aluminium shop fronts come glazed with toughened glass. This is one of the strongest types of glass on the market. Combined with a high-grade aluminium frame, your shop front will withstand even the toughest weather conditions.

Great Design Makes a Great Shop Front

An innovative shop front can make your business stand out. A tailor-made aluminium shop front will let you add the personal touches that make your brand instantly recognisable.

Aluminium shop doors are highly customisable, so they can be made to match your brand. They also require less maintenance than glass doors, saving you valuable time.

More Than 200 Colours to Match Your Branding

No matter what kind of shop front is best for you, we’ve got you covered. Branding is crucial to your business identity. It lets you connect with your customers and stand out from the crowd. That’s why we take our client’s branding requirements very seriously. We have a RAL colour chart, with over 200 colours to choose from, so your shop front exactly reflects your brand.

Why Should You Choose Aluminium Shop Fronts?

During our 20 years of shop fitting, aluminium has remained a solid choice. We believe it’s the best choice for shops and small businesses – here’s why:

  • Ideal for new builds as well as renovations. No matter what your project is, aluminium will always remain a solid choice.
  • Lasts for Years. Made out of aluminium and toughened glass, which are lightweight and durable.
  • Zero maintenance and resistant to extreme weather conditions. High-grade aluminium and toughened glass are known to last long, in a range of weather conditions.
  • Exactly match your brand. Choose from our palette of over 200 RAL colours.
  • Sustainable & eco-friendly.  Aluminium is not only a strong structural material, it is highly recyclable.

If you’re ready to attract more customers and increase your sales with a new shop front, then speak with our friendly team today.

Advantages of Aluminium Shop Fronts

We already talked about it here, but it’s always good to have in mind how important it is to have a good shop front. This is an element that can increase the attraction of new customers to your business and be responsible for part of your growth in sales, so it’s vital that you choose carefully the best one for your business.

This is where aluminium shop fronts come to mind: they are a very popular choice among big and small brands. Here are five reasons for all this success.

Aluminium shopfronts are very durable

Although its lightweight material, aluminium shop fronts are made out of strong metal and toughened glass, one of the toughest in the market. These elements combined add to the safety of your store since it will be harder to break in.

Also, aluminium shop fronts are designed to endure extreme weather conditions, such as heavy winds, low temperatures or pouring rain, without cracking. So, any businesses that have outdoor areas (such as hotels or restaurants) or are located in open-air spaces can be benefited from this characteristic.

Last but not least, aluminium shop fronts are corrosion-resistant, which makes them a real investment for those who don’t want to spend much more money with maintenance.

Aluminium shopfronts are affordable

You’d think all this resistance and weather endurance would come with a cost, right? But the fact is that aluminium is a resource easy to find, so it’s actually really affordable in comparison with other possibilities to your shop front.

The lower prices allow your brand to have extra cash in hands to invest in a bolder shop front design or any other asset that’s going to make your store stand out.

They’re sustainable

Aluminium shopfronts are very eco-friendly because they can be fully recycled and turned into a new shop front without ever losing its resistance. This feature is especially important for brands that have sustainability as one of their values.

Aluminium shopfronts are customisable

Despite being very resistant, aluminium is a material that is easy to shape and design. So, your aluminium shop fronts can be as innovative as you need to match your brand’s style guide.

Also, its very structure is customisable as well, since aluminium shop fronts can either be paired with manual swing doors or fully automated ones. As for the glass panels, you may also choose between a variety of glazing options and features, like temperature controlling systems, for example. This way your aluminium shop fronts can completely adapt to your business’ needs.

In Huxley & Co, we make sure your shop front is as versatile as possible. So, we can create tailor-made aluminium shop fronts with all the personal touches your brand needs. This means not only being able to change the shop front structure itself but also changing its design into over 200 different colours, so it suits your brand’s palette and visual identity perfectly.

They isolate one area from another

If your store is placed in a very busy shopping centre you may want to offer some shelter from the noise to your customers, right? Or maybe if your store’s entrance is placed towards a street, you may want to prevent chilly winds from coming in.

The good news is aluminium shopfronts help you with this isolation. When your shop front door is closed, it almost seals your store, making sure weather and noises are not an issue.

Now that you know all the advantages of choosing aluminium shop fronts, get in touch with Huxley & Co‘s team of specialists to talk about shop fronts, doors and glazing systems or email us for a free quotation.

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