Shop Front Design: How to choose yours

Shop Front Design: How to choose yours

There’s no denying it: when the customer is on the go, your shop front design is the first thing they’ll capture about your business. This is especially true when it comes to potential clients that don’t know much about your brand yet.

So, what your business’ gotta do is to make this moment count: it’s your chance to make a first impression that lasts and that imprints your brand in their minds. In order to help you with this mission, here are three things you should consider when choosing your shop front design. 

The right materials


The first thing you have to think about before choosing your shop front material is about the location of your business. Is it affected by the weather? Is your shop front design gonna be exposed to sunlight, rain or a broad range of temperature throughout the year?

If you answered “yes” to these questions, then it’s probably a good idea that you choose one of HUXLEY & Co’s strong and robust shop fronts, with corrosion-resistant attributes. This way you make sure your investment is gonna last as long as possible, even when subjected to climate conditions.

But, if you’ve answered “no” to those questions, then you can feel free to choose your shop front design made from whatever materials you like the most.

And although you have to think about this practical side of choosing your material, there’s also another thing to be considered: your shop front is part of your branding, so it should be made of materials aligned with your brand’s values and products.

Let’s say your business sells decor pieces made of natural materials. Wouldn’t make much sense if your shop front design incorporated a lot of metal or plastic, that could give the customer an industrialized feeling, would it? Instead, you could look for a wooden frame with carved letters, something that screams handmade and unique.

The Shop front design


At HUXLEY & Co, we not only care about giving your business personality but also about making it recognizable for the public. Needless to say, both topics have everything to do with your shop front design.

Your shop front should align with two major branding assets: your brand manual and your products. Let’s picture a brand that sells sustainable products, for instance: its shop front design should be able to translate this eco-friendly vibe to those who are looking at it. But, on the other hand, if we’re talking about a vintage shop that sells luxurious items, then the shop front design gotta be able to unravel a sense of elegance and glamour.

The chosen colours are also immensely relevant when it comes to connecting your shop, clinic or office to your business. It’s very important that your shop front design transform your logo into your shop, making sure anyone that’s passing by can recognize your brand. 

Now, imagine a Sephora store: I’m sure you thought about the colours black, white and maybe red. I’m also sure it wouldn’t feel right if I told you that their shop front was built in yellow and orange tones since these colours are so far away from what you’re reminded of when you think about Sephora.

Your brand’s logo colours and typography are printed on your customers’ minds, so make sure to explore it for the benefit of your business.

Curtain Wall System: should you use it?


Basically, this decision depends entirely on the core of your business. Is your space like an office or a clinic, something that needs a more muted and discrete environment? If giving your customers or employees a sense of privacy is key to your business, then adding a curtain wall system to your shop front design may be a good idea.

But if all you want is to attract attention to your space and make it stand out, then this may not be the best option for your business.

Are you ready to make an everlasting decision on your shop front design? Then, get in touch with Huxley &Co! We’ve been working with both shopping centres and small businesses for over 20 years to help them design the best shop fronts in London.