What are the benefits of brand new roller shutters?

What are the benefits of brand new roller shutters?

Roller shutters are security devices that are perfect options for warehouses, retails shops, offices, banks or even museums! They can be tailored to your best use, in a wide range of materials, designs and other characteristics.

Here’s why picking roller shutters is the right choice for pretty much any kind of business.

4 main benefits of roller shutters

Did you know that roller shutters can have five different varieties, so they adapt to different necessities and levels of security? Here are a few curious and useful things to know about roller shutters before making any decision. 

Roller shutters are affordable

If you were looking for the cost of roller shutters and wondering if they’d fit your budget, we can assure you that they will. There are roller shutters suitable for every budget (depending on size and materials chosen) and with a very low cost of maintenance. 

They are resistant 

Roller shutters can be made from very strong metallic materials, so they’re resistant against weather conditions and impact and it also makes them a durable investment.

They are safe

The fact that they’re resistant makes them very safe as well. Also, they’re able to completely shut any access to a store or compartment of your warehouse.

Roller shutters are customisable

If you’re not comfortable with abandoning your branding for extra security it’s ok, you don’t need to! Roller shutters can be produced in many different colours and materials, so they can adapt to every need and also look like it’s part of your business.

And talking about customizing your roller shutters, you should know that different designs also bring new benefits. Here are the 5 kinds of roller shutters we have to offer your and their main characteristics.

Polycarbonate shutters

When made out of polycarbonate, roller shutters become fully transparent, like glass. But, although translucent, the material is incredibly resistant, easy to operate, clean and maintain. Also, it has UV protection and fire resistance.

Because of all the characteristics above, polycarbonate shutters are excellent options for jewellery shops that want to expose their most expensive pieces knowing that they’re safe. Banks and museums would also benefit from these roller shutters.

Grille shutters

Grille shutters are ideal to be placed behind a glass window display, offering maximum vision while still keeping your shop a lot safer. They’re easy to operate, maintain and a good solution for those who want to take care of security without spending too much.

Punched roller shutters

Punched roller shutters allow partial visibility into the store and let the light come in without compromising on security. They’re also durable, robust and can be operated both manually or electrically.

This is the kind of roller shutters that works well for car parks, commercial and retail units, especially those inside shopping centres, where there are other security provisions, such as surveillance systems and alarms. 

Perforated roller shutters

This kind of roller shutters allow around 30% of visibility of what’s inside your business, so you can work inside your store while shut without being bothered. Also, they let light and ventilation come in.

Perforated roller shutters are made in steel or aluminium, that are lightweight, but very resistant. They are also very customizable: you can choose from over 200 colours and decide between manual or electric operation.

Solid roller shutters

Our final option makes any intrusion tactics less effective and offers a medium security level. They can be operated either manually or electrically and are good options for retail stores and offices.

Are you interested in diving a little deeper into the roller shutters world? Our sales team can answer to every doubt about how to make your shop front safer. Get in touch and learn more about Huxley&Co options for your business!