Shop Front Signs: how to choose the perfect for you

Shop Front Signs: how to choose the perfect for you

Shop front signs may be the first thing customers will see of your brand, so they can have a make-or-break effect on converting your potential clients into actual clients. In order to accomplish that, among other details, your shop signs have to be memorable, intriguing, inviting, they gotta have character and be accurate for your branding.

So, how do you choose the appropriate shop front signs for your business, taking all these characteristics into consideration? Here are a few tips to make your decision a lot easier.

4 things to consider before choosing your shop front signs


Choosing your shop signs is something that’s going to have a direct impact on the way your brand’s gonna be perceived. This means that this a task to be done carefully, in no rush and with as much information as needed, so you’re sure to be making the right decision. 

Take a moment and try to picture all the shop front signs you can recall. In the sequence, try to describe them for yourself. Which characteristics do they share? What are the patterns you can find among them? What makes them memorable?

Probably some of these shop signs, if not all of them, follow the guidelines below.

What is the right colour for my brand?


The right colour for your shop signs is one that contrasts with their background. Contrast is a key principle in design because it allows your brand’s name to be seen from far away, causes impact in the audience and also grants readability for the text.

Another thing to have in mind before choosing a colour scheme is your brand palette. Your shop front signs should be made in one of your main tones or at least make sense in the visual identity that your company usually uses for branding. If you’re torn between bold colours or more muted ones, probably your band guide has all the answers needed.

What about the typography?


Here is another case in which your visual identity guide should play a major role. Your brand’s shop signs should display the same typography used in your labels or shopping bags, for an example, or at least a very similar one.

Using the same typography through all your branding pieces is important to build a very recognizable brand. It creates a visual unity that allows your company to be imprinted in your customers’ minds.

But, again, it’s also important to think about readability. If the typography traditionally used in your logo is confusing or hard to read from a distance, then maybe you should look on your brand guide for one that provides a better reading experience. 

And how do I choose the right size?


There’s no absolute truth when it comes to the size of your shop front signs, but there are two things to consider when it comes to this topic.

The first one is standing out: your shop signs should be able to make an impression and stand out even in visually polluted environments, where there are loads of other brands competing for your customer’s attention. A shopping centre is, of course, a good example of these visually busy places. 

The second one is, again, readability. Your shop front signs should be easily spotted from far away and also be easily read by a client that is either on another corridor or passing by on the street.

The last, but not least: the materials


The material chosen builds your shop signs on should also be on the same mood as your whole brand identity and values. If we’re talking about a brand that sells elegant, technological equipment, then maybe you could choose something like metal with a matte finish. But if we’re thinking about shop signs for a brand that sells sustainable products, on the other hand, then you probably should look for more natural materials, such as wood.

The materials chosen for your shop front signs should also be aligned with the mood of its background.

Feel like you’re ready to make a decision? Our team is waiting for you to provide the best shop fronts in all London. Still unsure about which pick would the best suit for your brand? No worries, our sales team is able to help your even further showing you options and examples so you can picture each colour, material and typography more clearly. Get in touch with HUXLEY & Co!