How to attract customers to your shop front?

How to attract customers to your shop front?

We have been creating shop fronts for quite some years now, from independent clients with little identity, to corporations with strict brand manuals. We have seen all types of businesses get their design wrong and those who get it spot on. So we have compiled the must check IMPACT list to guide you through to creating an impactful shop front design right for your business.

The Recognition Impact

Creating impact from a distance from 100 to 20 metres away will turn heads your way. Use the language of your brand to create recognition from a distance with your colours and style to attract footfall.

The WOW Impact

Create impact as the customer gets closer to your shop front. Your impact at closer view should be achieved within 20 to 5 metres away from entering the actual shop. Wow your customers with an attractive window display, a well-lit entrance and a clear view to the inside of your shop.


The Brand Impact

As customers approach the shop front, they begin to loose view of external overhead signage. Branding reinforcement at eye view becomes the focal point so your window display and branding language should be considered as high importance. We love what Stradivarius have done with their shop front at Westfield’s Stratford, creating a fabricated upper floor view to reinforce their branding despite the unit only being on one floor.

The Width Impact

Large shop front entrances are the in thing. It’s inviting and customers have clear view of the shop inside from the outside and has the benefit of congestion at entrance so it’s more comfortable for passers to enter the store. However, bear in mind your shop front designs are governed by your council and your landlord so you may not be able to create the width you want.

We also love what Miss Guided have created at Westfield’s Stratford with its huge entrance. Although this width minimises shop window display opportunity, you can rely on vibrant lighting and your branding signals to create a great shop front.