Double Glazing or Single Glazing: which is better for your Shop Front?

Double Glazing or Single Glazing: which is better for your Shop Front?

Supermarkets, drugstores, thrift shops, offices or medical clinics: there comes a time in which every new business has to make decisions about its shop front. And if choosing a shop front design is already a tricky task, imagine understanding about double glazing glass panes. The expression in itself already sounds hard, right?

In this article, we’re talking all about the process of double glazing windows and doors and what is the difference between single glazing or double glazing, so you know which shop front materials to choose for your business and why. 

What does double glazing windows and doors mean?


If you have single glazing, double glazing or triple glazing on the doors or windows of your shop front, the amount refers to the number of glass panes your shop front holds.

So, if you’re talking about double glazing, this means there are two glass panes being used in the structure of your shop front. And, of course, single glazing is a shop front with doors and windows made of only one glass pane.

The advantages of double glazing windows and doors


To understand if choosing double glazing windows and doors is the option for your shop front, we have to understand a little better the structure of this product. Imagine that in-between both glass panes of a double gazing there’s a metallic spacer.

Another thing that goes in this middle section surrounded by glass panes is… air. Of course, right? But, in practice, it’s not that obvious. Usually, this space is actually filled with gases such as argon or xenon, both responsible for reducing the energy transfer between the glass surfaces. Only after the gas is inserted in there the glass panes are attached to the window frames and sealed.

But what’s the point in all of this?

The air and gas that goes in double glazing windows and doors create two effects worth-having. The first one is all about noise: double glazing prevents the sounds that come from the streets to get into your space and create a tumultuous environment.

And you know the gases we talked about earlier? They’re responsible for minimizing the amount of energy transferred between both glasses, making sure that the warmth produced by your heater stays inside during the wintertime

“What about the hotter days?”, you might ask. Yes, double glazing windows and doors also work well for the summertime, acting as a barrier and preventing the outside heat from coming in. So, double glazing gives you thermal comfort in any season.

Ok, but what does this mean to your business?

Well, it means that you’ll be able to give your clients a much nicer place to be. And although this may seem like a superfluous advantage, in reality, double glazing is also a friend of your monthly operational budget, since your company will need to spend less money on air conditioning and heating bills. The bigger space is, the higher is the amount saved trying to make it comfortable.

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