Curtain Walling installation permission: do I need one?

Curtain Walling installation permission: do I need one?

Curtain walls are one of the major trends in commercial buildings and there are reasons for it. They are lightweight, they let the light in (something that makes the space look brighter, broader and warmer), they bring a technological feel and also a modern aesthetic.

But before you go on with your construction, you should ask yourself: do I need a permit for curtain walling installation? This is what we’re going to discuss in this article.

What is a curtain walling system?

Curtain walls are a type of facade that can be used when the walls of your building are non-structural. They’re usually made of glazed panels, framed in a lightweight metallic material that adjusts exactly to the size of the building.

How is the curtain walling installation process?

The first difference in curtain walling installation, when comparing it to a window wall, is that the installation process is done from the outside of the building instead of from inside. So, in order to make sure everything will fit perfectly where it should, the first step of the process is to paint marks where the curtain walling installation must be done, to serve as a guidance system.

The next move is to bolt, weld or cast the anchor plates for your curtain walling installation into the building, depending on the wall design chosen. Once they’re properly fixated (there’s no room for mistakes here!), it’s time to attach the vertical mullions to the building, usually from the lower levels to the higher ones.

The following step is to attach the horizontal mullions, that can be fixated either by clips, brackets or screw splines. Once it’s done, it’s time to apply sealing units to the corners, so the curtain walls don’t let a leak inside.

Now, here comes the harder part: it’s time to use suspended scaffolding to install the glass. Here is the part where you need most caution not to damage the product. And, finally, the last part is to install sealants both from the inside and outside of the building.

As you can see, curtain walling installation is a process that requires both caution, precision and skill, so the best choice for your construction is to always have a team of professionals doing the job.

Is there permission for curtain walling installation?

There are a few situations in which the need for permission for curtain walling installation is clear. Here are three of them.

1. Your curtain walling installation will change the appearance of the building

If you’re thinking about changing the colour of your outer wall of the building, its design or size for instance, then you will need a permit for curtain walling installation. Believe it or not, anything that makes your building visibly different from what it was before must be notified to the authorities and pre-approved.

2. Your curtain walling installation will affect other properties

Is the sun going to shine on your building and reflect on the neighbours? What about sound? And heat? If there’s any chance of the changes made on your property cause an impact on any other property in the neighbourhood, then you’ll probably need permission for a curtain walling installation.

3. You are changing the use of your building

If the place used to be a residence for students, for example, or just a regular residential building and now it’s going to become a commercial tower for offices and stores, then yes, you’re going to need a permit for curtain walling installation. Whenever the use of a building is changed, authorities must be notified.

Even if you don’t fit any of these three situations, you may also need permission for curtain wall installation, since councils and counties from all over the country have different legislation about it. So, if you don’t want your construction to be delayed unnecessarily, then the best way is to always check if permission is needed upfront.

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