Roller Shutter Repairs: Most Common Roller Shutter Problems

Roller Shutter Repairs: Most Common Roller Shutter Problems

A roller shutter is vital to protect your business. They’re perfect for warehouses, retails shops, offices and banks, in addition to being affordable and durable. But, like any kind of technology, sometimes it does need maintenance or, in the worst-case scenario, repairs. 

Here are the most common roller shutter problems, how to identify them and a few tips on roller shutter repairs. 

6 most common roller shutter problems and repairs


1. Roller shutter problems for the absence of power Source

Believe it or not, the most common roller shutter repairs are related to power. This is especially true in places such as industrial sheds, where lights can be turned off and all power shut down whenever the shift is over.

So, before worrying about anything serious, the first thing to do is to look for the source of power that connects to it and check if it’s on. If the power isn’t available, you just have to turn it on and save yourself a whole lot of time looking for other more complex roller shutter problems.

2. Roller shutter problems for overheating

If your roller shutters have been actively working the whole day or have been activated frequently in the past few hours, then maybe its motor can be overheating. This can either be one of the easiest roller shutter problems to solve or a pretty serious one, depending on if the damage done to the engine is temporarily or permanent.

One thing you can do to try and solve this is to cease using your roller shutters for a while. Give their motor time to cool down and go back to its usual temperature, when turned off. Once the motor has cooled off, try the roller shutters again.

If they work, great, problem solved! If they don’t, then maybe the engines have suffered real damages from the temperature and you will need to call for roller shutter repairs. 

3. Issues with the roller shutter due to dirt and debris

If there’s something in the way of the tracks and rails of your roller shutters, this can easily be the cause of your problems. 

Dirt that has accumulated on the tracks or debris on the rails can stop the opening and closing process of your shutters or can cause bumpy, noisy movements. Also, dirt and debris can also affect the proximity sensors, making them open only halfway. 

The way to avoid this kind of roller shutter problems is pretty easy: inspect the tracks and rails regularly, looking for any kind of trouble on the way of your shutters. 

4. The trouble with the structure of your roller shutters

You should also keep an eye out regularly for dents or dings on your equipment. Busy environments, like factories or an industrial complex, tend to cause accidental damages to your roller shutters, leading to malfunctioning. Also, vandalism or attempts to break in can also be the reason for these dents.

If these are your roller shutter problems, then you might be able to solve them by yourself by knocking out the dents with a hammer. But if you don’t feel able to do it properly or you’ve found bigger issues, like cracks or larger dents, maybe the best way to deal with them is calling a professional for roller shutter repairs.

Another one of the most common roller shutter problems is the shutters getting stuck due to lack of lubrication. So, if you’re taking notes about which measures to follow in order to avoid roller shutter problems, add another topic to your list: applying lubricant spray often in the rails of your equipment.

5. Roller shutter code-related issues

Sometimes, if two roller shutters are closely positioned and share the same code, then it can trigger one of the most common roller shutter problems called code clash. A code clash keeps the shutters from working and can only be solved by a professional, so don’t wait: call a specialist on roller shutter repairs immediately.

Also, despite being really simple, one of the biggest troubles related to code is forgetting it! So, if the code is not working, first of all, try contacting someone that also has access to the shutter so you can check if the code you’re using is the proper one.

6. Emergency release chain

The emergency chain is there to help you when something unexpected has happened with your shutters or if they’re not working during an emergency. So, the emergency chain has to be constantly checked, since it’s not something that you use every day and knows the status of its functioning.

To do so, you just have to pull the emergency release chain and your door should respond to the movement. Otherwise, you might need to check for any sort of troubles with it.

Now that you know which are the most common roller shutter problems, don’t hesitate in calling Huxley & Co for help. Our team is ready to deal with all kinds of roller shutter repairs in no time, so you can easily get back to your normal routine. Get in touch!