6 Benefits of adding External Window Shutters to your place

6 Benefits of adding External Window Shutters to your place

External window shutters are literally window frames, usually with horizontal rails to provide some of the benefits we’ll talk about later, placed on the outside of a house or building. They’re a very traditional way to make your space more visually interesting and also give a touch of cosiness to it. 

But this is not all they can do. Far from it!

These quick and easy to install shutters also have aesthetic, financial, security and weather-related benefits that’ll make you feel even more comfortable at your own place. Here are six of them!

Why adding external window shutters to your building?

Are external window shutters worth your investment? The answer is definitely yes, for the following reasons.

To keep the external environment outside

When you close your external window shutters, these beauties can bring extra thermal comfort. This means they help prevent dust, rainwater, snowflakes, freezing winds and heat from coming into your shop. Also, during the winter, they can also help you keep the warmth of your heater inside. 

This also means energy and financial efficiency, since you’ll spend less time with cooling or heating equipment on and get reduced energy bills. That’s good for you, for your bank account and for the environment. 

To choose your own lighting

External window shutters are able to adjust the level of light you let into your shop really easily. As opposed to regular windows, they are able to provide partial lighting, which is great to create a relaxing environment that allows you to cool down the place during hot days.

For increased privacy

If you want to avoid nosy people from looking inside your business when you’re away, all you have to do is shut your external window shutters for some extra privacy.

This is a nice resource for hotels as well, so they can offer a more romantic environment for their guests.

For an extra layer of security

If you’re worried about security when your shop is closed, then maybe installing external window shutters to your facade could help you feel at ease. 

Why? Because external window shutters usually come with a lock that can be used to add an extra layer of difficulty in case of a break-in attempt. Not only will the thieves have to figure out how to deal with your regular glass windows, but also they’ll have to understand how to unlock your external window shutters discreetly and fast. Definitely discouraging.

Because they need very little maintenance

If you want to make sure you’re not gonna spend a whole lot of money or time taking care of your external window shutters, no problem! With the right materials, they can be really long-lasting and easy to care for, even in the harshest weather conditions.

Because they’re aesthetically pleasing

And since we’re talking about finding the right materials, let’s also talk about external window shutters aesthetic!

One of the best things about external window shutters is that it’s customisable. You can choose from a range of colours, materials and styles to match your facade the best way possible. Want to have a vintage look on your property? No problem! Or maybe a modern-looking shutter for your hotel? You got it! 

And, believe it or not, adding even affordable external window shutters to your property can help you change how it’s perceived and raise its market value. This is always a useful strategy when you’re planning on selling the place or even turning it into an Airbnb or small hotel.

Could you imagine that something so simple could add so many benefits? There’s definitely no second-guessing the investment after all these advantages! That’s why Huxley & Co provide a wide range of external window shutters that are lightweight, modern-looking, resistant to weather conditions and very cost-effective. Also, they can be custom-built, so you can get exactly what you need or desire. Sounds good, right?

Get in touch with our professionals to get all the help or advice you need when choosing which external window shutters best suits your project.