Choosing the best Shop Front: Glass or Aluminium?

Choosing the best Shop Front: Glass or Aluminium?

As we always say, your shop front design is something to be taken seriously. It is the first thing customers will notice about your shop and we all know how much it can change the impact it can cause on their behaviour.

But when it comes to choosing the details of your store, deciding between aluminium shop fronts or a glass shop front can be tricky, since both of them seem to work fine in every environment. So, in this article, we’ve listed a few things you have to have in mind before coming to a decision of what is best for your business. Take a look!

The best features of aluminium shop fronts

Easy to design it your way

Aluminium shop fronts have the advantage of being very versatile, style-wise. As the material is easily shaped without losing its strength, your brand can design your aluminium shop front in any way you like it, so it suits your branding and style guide.

Also, aluminium shop fronts can display many different colours, so they are aligned with your brand’s palette and they all don’t look like a piece of industrial decor.

And last, but not least, the versatility allows aluminium shop front doors to be sliding, bi-folding or any other shape. This way, they adapt to the interior design created for your business in the best way possible.

They’re affordable

The fact that aluminium is a resource that is easy to find and recyclable makes it more affordable, much more than other materials. This is always a good characteristic since the lower price range allows your brand to invest its money on other parts of your shop. 

They’re resistant

Although they can be shaped, aluminium shop fronts are really strong, which adds to the safety of your store whenever you’re away from it.

Also, the material is durable when exposed to weather conditions, so it won’t crack when it’s cold outside or corrode due to rain, for example. This makes aluminium shop fronts a long-lasting investment to your brand. This feature gets extra interesting for businesses that have outdoor areas, like hotels or maybe restaurants, and for those that are located in open-air shopping centres.

They isolate environments from each other

Aluminium shop fronts keep your office, shop or beauty clinic, for example, from being invaded by the city noises. They also help you keep your place warm or chill by preventing the air from getting across doors and windows when they’re not open.

They’re sustainable

If sustainability is a big part of your brand, you’re probably looking for materials for your store that suit your values, right? So, the good news is that aluminium shop fronts are completely recyclable and they don’t become less resistant after going through the recycling process, so they can become new shop fronts over and over.

Now, the advantages of a glass shop front

It’s low maintenance

A glass shop front is not something you’ll have to varnish, polish, make waterproof or take care in any specific way. This means that your glass shop front will always look the same, no matter how long it’s been installed.

This logic also applies to hygiene since a glass shop front doesn’t need a whole lot of effort to keep clean. Once it’s dirty or greasy (which happens more often when placed in restaurants), you just need to wipe it with a cleaning product that is proper for glass and the problem is gone in seconds.

It displays everything there is to see about your business

If you want to make your customers curious about what goes on inside your store, then a glass shop front seals the deal. They’ll be able to easily spot the sales section, what’s new and what’s in stock, inviting them to come in and pick whatever they liked.

Another point about a glass shop front is that it gives a nice impression of your store. As it allows light to come in, it also makes your space look brighter and broader, which is always nice. After all, no one likes to feel like shopping inside a cave. 

A glass shop front is customizable

There are many ways in which your glass shop front can make your business better for you and your clients. If the glass is shatterproof, then it means it’s safer to walk around. If it’s been toughened it adds to the security of your store. If it’s multiple-layered, it helps to keep the cold from coming in, which is really good for offices, for example. And if it’s soundproof, then it makes the environment quieter even for businesses situated in big malls or busy streets.

Still, having doubts about which option to choose? Huxley &Co sales team can help solve any kind of insecurity about what is best for your business when it comes to shop fronts. We are specialists at providing the best shop fronts in London and we take pride in providing outstanding customer service, so get in touch.