Automatic Sliding Doors

Automatic sliding doors are perfect for contactless entrances, giving easy access and allowing traffic to flow to a building. They’re the right choice for heavy footfall entrances and exits like hospitals, airports and malls.

The sliding doors are one of the three major types of automatic doors. They are specifically created to make, getting in and out of a building or store easily since it opens and closes automatically. Their crystal material is ideal for indoor and outdoor stores for two main reasons. 

First, because it invites possible customers to take a quick peek at what’s inside a shop and then make the decision to, hopefully, walk inside. On the other hand, it also allows natural light to come into the store, which is always nicer and saves up some money.

At Huxley & Co. we’re huge advocates of sliding doors. We believe that it’s the right choice for crowded building entrances and any kind of shop. These are strong and well-built doors that offer the following features: 

  • Silent operating system 

Sliding doors have a clean and efficient design that make them one of the best-performing glass doors that exist. 

  • Adaptable program

Automatic sliding doors have a built-in system that operates based on sensors or control mats. 

  • Promptly and low maintenance cost 

Automatic doors are built with refined technologies that are carefully selected to bring a high-functioning performance with little maintenance costs. 

  • A well-built system with various control options

The door and its sensing systems are fully customisable so that each commerce can set it up to their needs. 

  • Ideal for indoor and outdoor spaces 

Automatic doors can be found in both, a closed space or the entrance of a building. The automatic hassle-free system makes these doors the right choice for trafficked entries and indoor shops. 

  • Manual operation in case of an emergency

Better safe than sorry also applies to automatic doors. They offer a manual operating system that can be activated in case of an emergency or electricity blackout. 

  • Barrier sensors installed as standard for peace of mind

Safety is our top priority when we manufacture and instal a new product. Our automatic sliding doors come with sensors so that no one gets hurt when closing. 

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