What are aluminium shop fronts?

What are aluminium shop fronts?

For anyone that’s starting a business, making a good first impression is essential. And, of course, this has everything to do with the form you present yourself to your target. Your shop front is the first form of contact you’ll have with your potential clients, so it gotta represent your brand and its values.

But how does one choose a shop front that’s branding-accurate and also gets your money’s worth? This is where aluminium shop fronts come to play. In this article, we will see how they are made and a few good reasons to choose them for your store. 

The structure of aluminium shop fronts

Aluminium shop fronts are made out of glazed glass and aluminium frames. This combination makes the whole structure very resistant to both weather conditions and street noises.

When it comes to weather, aluminium shop fronts are able to endure heavy winds, low temperatures and a whole lot of rain without letting you feel these conditions inside your shop. Also, noise-wise, aluminium shop fronts can almost completely isolate your store from the sound of car horns, buses, ambulance sirens and any other traffic interference.

This is especially beneficial for stores located in open-air shopping centres, where they’re very exposed to the sounds of the streets.

Top 3 reasons to choose aluminium shop fronts


You can rely on aluminium shop fronts’ durability 


If you’re looking for materials that’ll last and need little maintenance, then aluminium shop fronts are a good choice. Its lightweight frames are able to withstand corrosion, abrasion and damage by shock. 

Also, If you have a business such as a supermarket or a home improvement store, where there are clients coming and going with heavy shopping carts, you have to trust your shop fronts in case of any accidents, right? Worry not: aluminium shopping fronts are made of toughened glass, so they’re really hard to break.

Great features at a great cost


Aluminium is a recyclable material: it can be used over and over again, making it very easy to find a resource. This feature, of course, gives aluminium shop fronts an advantage over its competitors, since everything a new business wants is to get a good product that also saves a couple of pounds.

Aluminium shop fronts can be customized to your brand’s needs


Even the best of the materials becomes a problem if it can’t be worked to help your branding, right? We both know that when it comes to shop fronts, your business gotta make a good first impression.

That’s one of the best features when it comes to aluminium shop fronts: they can be customized to display a huge variety of colours. Also, the work wonders with many different shop front signs, making pretty much any design need come true.

So, they adapt to your branding, they fit your budget and they’re also really resistant? Yes, aluminium shop fronts are a real investment for brands that are looking for good quality products.

Want to know more about the possibilities of using aluminium shop fronts on your business? Get in touch with Huxley & Co to book an onsite evaluation or email us your brief for a no-obligation quotation. We will reply to the enquiry within 24h and take care of you every doubt so you can make an informed decision.