Emergency Glazing Repair

Huxley & Co offers emergency glazing repair services.

We know how stressful things can be when your shop front has been involved in some sort of an incident or may have some kind of mechanical issue.

You cannot open or close your business. We feel you, and we are here to help!

From boarding to any kind of emergency glazing repair

Have your premises been a victim of a break in or accident and your business front is damaged?

Huxley & Co offers 24/7 boarding services throughout London and Essex.

Our dedicated emergency team is very experienced. Once you have called Huxley & Co. our engineers will attend and secure your property, giving you peace of mind.

Our engineers team will repair immediately whatever is broken in your shop. They will do so speedily, as our vans carry most parts and tools to get the job done at first point of call.

If your premises have suffered a more serious damage, our engineer can take measurements. Rest assured that our dedicated sales team will be in touch with you with a quote and date, so our engineer could re-visit and get your front facing business back to its original look.

Door repairs and other emergencies

We understand that when you need our emergency glazing repair services the situation is urgent.

That is why, if you have a broken glass at your premises, Huxley & Co will have it replaced with our 24 hours glass replacement service. Our in-house glazing team is highly trained, and will remove all damaged glass and replace with brand new glazing.

We also offer our bespoke door repair service.

Huxley & Co has a team of experienced engineers to carry out repairs. We only use the best mechanical parts in the market, assuring quality throughout the process.

In an event of a more serious repair our engineers will survey the premises and our dedicated sales team will contact you with a quote and installation date.

Every time you’re in need of emergency glazing repair services, contact our team at any time. From shop doors to glass. Whatever you may need, our team is here to help!

Call us today to discuss curtain walling system for your building or email us your measurements and requirements for a free quotation