Internal Bi-Fold Doors

Internal Bi-Folding doors are the ideal choice for indoor areas that want to be versatile in terms of division of the space.

Internal bi-fold doors also called internal sliding doors or concertina doors, are incredibly flexible. They allow you to create an open plan living space that can be divided into smaller spaces if necessary. It’s a popular way to give rooms more natural light, space and flexibility. Internal bi-fold doors can easily change your business’ layout depending on the occasion and give your customers space for a better view of all areas of your shop. This system is also quite popular in private homes, generally to divide or expand the living room and diving room.

Why choose interior bi-folding doors?

  • Make spaces appear larger: With an internal bi-fold door you’ll be able to enhance spaces when the occasion requires and divide them into smaller sections when needed. 
  • Spread natural sunlight: These folding doors are like walls but made out of glass, which allows natural light in. 
  • Reduced heating costs: Small spaces are much easier and quicker to heat up. 
  • Noise control: When closed, bi-folding internal doors prevent the noise from spreading across the other rooms. 

Perfect for homes and businesses

Internal bifold doors consist of 2 or more doors linked with special hardware which allows them to slide and fold altogether in one direction or in both directions. 

This kind of system is quite flexible and can be tailored to fit your business and personal needs. It can be used in a wide range of spaces in your home, the most popular being as a divider between the living room and dining room, or kitchen and living room. 

In commercial spaces, it can be used to divide or open up a big space. For example, in clothing stores, it is sometimes used to divide different sections. In offices, it is mostly used to create small meeting rooms that, when needed, can be opened and form one big meeting room. 

Aesthetic design and functionality

This system is beautiful and functional but it has to be thought out and created carefully. One of the most important things when setting up internal bi-folding doors is that there needs to be enough space for the doors to fold open and, then, close. 

Bi-folding doors aren’t your average type of door, thus the correct placement and installation can often be a challenge for any professional. Internal bi-folding doors are opened and closed frequently, therefore the placement of the handle is very important. If placed wrong, over time it could potentially harm the door and its track, resulting in the need for replacements. 

We are the partner you’re looking for

At Huxley & Co we have years of experience crafting and installing bi-folding doors. Our team of experts will advise and take you through the entire process of setting new bi-folding doors for your commercial or private space. 

Internal bi-folding doors are one of our specialities. If you’re thinking about installing this system, contact us and we’ll be happy to assist you in anything that you need.

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