Internal BiFold Doors

Internal Bi Folding doors are the perfect choice to complement both traditional and modern designs

Internal bifold doors (also called internal sliding doors or concertina doors) are incredibly flexible. They allow you to create an open plan living space that can be divided into smaller spaces if necessary. It’s a popular way to give rooms more natural light, space and flexibility. Internal bifold doors can easily change your business from an open plan area ideal to give your customers space for a better view of all areas of your shop.

Why choose interior bi-folding doors?

  • Make spaces appear larger
  • Spread natural sunlight
  • Reduced heating costs
  • Noise control

What are Internal Bifold Doors?

Internal bifold doors consist of 2 or more doors linked with specialist hardware which allows them to slide and fold altogether in one direction or in both directions, they are that flexible and sometimes called as concertina doors as well.

Both internal and external bifolding doors can be manufactured to suit your business needs, and can be opened outward and inward. The majority percentage of installed bi-fold doors have them opening outwards because it’s easier to design the interior of the space without having to worry about the doors hitting anything. However, for internal bifolds they can open inwards or outwards as long as any furniture has been taken into consideration on both sides of the door, the personal preference is the main factor of which way to open an internal bifold door.

Internal bifold door handles

Bi-folding doors aren’t your average type of door and so the correct placement can often be a challenge for any installer. Depending on where you place the handles could potentially damage the door and its track over time, resulting in the need for replacements, especially if it’s an internal door which is opened and closed frequently. So the handles placement needs to be aesthetically pleasing as well as functional and safe. By using the vertical and horizontal centre of the middle 2 doors as the placement will allow the doors to run smoothly on its tracks.

Internal Bifold doors are a simple and brilliant space saving solution in many shops and also homes. By using bi-folding doors, it adds a slightly touch of modernisation and it’s also a great space/room divider.

Internal Bifold doors comes with a pretty minimal maintenance compared to any other door. If you’re thinking about purchasing a set of bifolds but have struggled to understand their functionality, drop us a message and we’ll be more than happy to help you understand all the important points that you have to consider when purchasing and installing internal bi-folding doors.

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