Going Green for your Business

Going Green for your Business

We are more green aware at home than ever before; recycling and buying products with recycled and recyclable components. We try to use less energy and use less water. Some of us are living in sustainable buildings with no parking facilities to promote walking and public transport. So why not rethink your next office refurbishment objectives by going green for your business?

Going green for your business isn’t as expensive as you think and World Green Building Council have proven it with some research concluding that the perceived expense is between 0.9% – 29% vs the actual cost being -0.4% – 12.5% on the actual build. Now you and I know that some wont have the luxury to build brand new offices from ground floor up, so it’s all about office refurbishments that can be converted into sustainable environments.

Here’s our ‘4 Green Considerations’ for an environmentally focused office refurbishment – because we should all be aiming for a fit out is that designed with a low in carbon footprint and operates with sustainability.


1: Procurement for your construction

  • Ensure all your timbers are responsibly sourced
  • Ensure paints, varnishes, coatings etc have low VOC
  • Maximise sunlight into your office environment with glass partitions and minimise energy demand for artificial lighting
  • Use LED fittings on essential lighting with your suspended ceiling
  • Control noise levels with acoustic materials, mindful of the number of users for that given area
  • Opt for recycled products and recyclable products
  • Where possible, source locally to reduce carbon footprint and to support the local economy


2. Water

  • Water efficiency equipment, such automatic shut off low flowing taps, dual/low flush toilets and waterless urinals can reduce your waster waste by up to 30%
  • Set measures to identify leaks efficiently to avoid water wastage and water damage
  • Set targets and monitor water usage for operational usage throughout the year


3. Waste

  • Recycle where appropriate to minimise landfill – try creating a sustainable waste management programme for your contractor to adhere to during your office refurbishment
  • Measure and calculate procurement reasonably to avoid over purchasing and sending unused products to landfill or back to supplier
  • Get your contractor to work with suppliers who can minimise packaging waste and in turn help with avoiding waste handling and minimise or completely overcome the need for burning materials instead of landfilling


4. Employee Productivity

  • Employee heat control will enhance working comfort and in return enhance productivity and wasting energy resources and money for lighting, heating and cooling.
  • Your employees are legally entitled to clean drinking water. The good old bottled waters and water coolers are now a thing of the past. Consider low maintenance plumbed in water systems for a more environmentally friendly approach and have them plumbed in to easily accessible hydrating points throughout your offices.
  • Create an environment with amenities for your employees to help them make minimal car journeys for food and drinks which will support the environment by reducing congestion, noise and pollution.
  • Promote walking and cycling into work and reduce the usage of driving and public transport. Consider offering cycle docking bays in spaces permitted and walking incentives.


We have so many more ideas to make your business go green. Drop us an email or call us to find out more on how we can assist you with your specific sustainable office refurbishment goals.