External Bi-Fold Doors

The external bi-folding doors are very adaptable and occupy less space than normal doors.

Also called folding patio doors, sliding doors or concertina doors, the external bi-folding doors are made up of 2 to 6 pieces that are linked together and allow a concertina opening and closing system that saves space and allows the interior to open to the outdoors. 

Why choose exterior bi-folding doors?


  • Increase natural light. If you have a small living room area at home, exterior bi-folding doors are the right partner to lit up the indoor space.
  • Let the outside in. Related to the previous topic, this door system is perfect to open up living rooms or dining rooms that have access to a patio or garden. 
  • Money-saving. This door system is much more modern than the old patio doors. Finished in aluminium, external bi-folding doors are more thermally efficient which helps your pocket. 
  • Easy to instal and use. The installation of an external bi-folding door normally takes up to a day. When the installation is done right, this setting is easy to use; the door slides and folds open and closed in seconds. 


Where to install external bi-folding doors

There’s not a specific location for this kind of door, but the most used is to open the interior of a house to the back garden or patio. It can also be set in bedrooms that are on the ground floor and have access to an outside area. 

Aside from private use, external bi-folding doors are also quite used in bars and restaurants. This specific setting is great for the warmer months of the year. With the external bi-folding doors you are able to open your establishment to the outside, that being a public space, like the street or a beach, for example, or a private patio where you can serve more tables or create a chill-out space for some after-dinner drinks.

Flexible door system

External bi-folding doors consist of at least two doors linked together with a special system that facilitates the accordion opening of the doors in one or two directions. 

Beautiful and functional

External bi-folding doors work really well with most of the interior and exterior designs, as it gives a touch of modernization.


Aside from the attractive design, external bi-folding doors are very easy to use and instal. It opens and closes in barely a few seconds and it only requires enough space to operate so that the doors can fold and unfold properly. 

We have more than 20 years of experience

At Huxley & Co. we have years in the shopfronts and commercial doors world. The external bi-folding doors are one of our specialities and we highly recommend it for private and commercial use. 

If you’re looking for a way to open an interior area to the exterior, this system is the right choice. Our team of experts will walk you through the entire process of setting up the external bi-folding doors in your private or commercial space. 

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