3 Tips for Cleaning Shop Front Awnings and Canopies

3 Tips for Cleaning Shop Front Awnings and Canopies

If you have shop front awnings or a shop front canopy, sometimes you’ll have to clean it. Although maintenance isn’t anyone’s favourite part of running a business, the task can be much easier and less stressful if you follow a few simple tips. Here are a few of them.

3 Tips on cleaning your shop front canopy and awnings

1. The first thing is to decide when

A shop front canopy or shop front awnings are usually used in stores to offer clients a nice experience inside and out. So, picture the scene: one client of yours goes to your coffee house every morning. When he gets there, it’s the usual: one huge cappuccino on a table outside, to enjoy a little sun and read the news before going to work. What he didn’t expect is that without a shop front canopy summertime would hit him hard.

Or, maybe, another client of yours comes running to your shop straight from the tube, in a very Londoner weather just to arrive at your door and find out that her cover for the rain is gone.

All this narrative was meant to tell you this: when thinking about cleaning your shop front awnings or canopy, choose a period in which your business is closed. And if that isn’t possible, then you’d rather do it in a more pleasant weather, when your clients won’t miss them that much.

2. Prepare for the cleaning day

When buying shopfront awnings or a canopy, one good idea is to buy an extra pair. That way, whenever cleaning time comes, you can substitute those in need of a wash for clean ones. 

Is it too much? Maybe. But the fact is your shop front awnings or canopy are a huge part of your shop’s branding and something that makes it distinguishable. A well-executed shop front canopy or awning can have such a distinct appearance that works almost like an element of attraction for regular customers.

Therefore, removing them completely may make your clients feel a little lost when passing by your store. 

3. And now to the practical side of the task

Another good idea is to get in touch with the company responsible for the making of your shop front awnings or canopy and asking about the best way to clean them. And if the instructions are too hard or something you’re not prepared to do, then maybe try sending them to a laundry that can deal with this kind of job.

But, in general, cleaning your own shop front awnings or canopy is very easy. First, start by brushing the dust away from the fabric. Once everything that was loose is gone, then it’s time to start washing. With the help of a hose or a bucket, soak the canvas in water. Then, spread soapy water over the canopy. Next, use a bristle to scrub the canvas gently. Leave the soapy water on the fabric for a few minutes and, finally, rinse it thoroughly.

Remember: whenever washing your shop front awnings or canopy, use a mild soap. This is a product that contains only surfactants, that are good for washing oily or greasy materials, and that are very foaming. Mild soaps are less aggressive to the canvas and less inclined to fade the colours of your canvas or your logo. Good examples of mild soaps are dishwashing soaps and laundry detergent.

After all this process is done, your canvas is ready to dry out and be hung again in your shop.

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